Where to find swingers How to swing, we tell you everything

How to swing, we tell you everything

Would you like to have sex with other people and your partner can do it too? Swinging is an increasingly common practice these days, as shown by the effervescence of specialized clubs. How to Swing

What is swinging?

There are libertine couples who practice sexual swinging. So swinging could be defined as a non-monogamous sexual activity which is practiced as a couple and which allowsbroaden your sexual horizon. Its practice includes several activities carried out between one or more people.

How to get started in the world of swinging?

Well, you are now one of those libertine couples who want to enjoy their sexuality, very well. Where to start ? The problem is that the fact of embarking on anything without having knowledge, it can be a headache. Can you do it? Of course, but you will avoid problems if you already know the basics.

Experiences and errors are important points in the kitchen, but when the experience includes people, it is not the same thing.

Here are the steps you should follow if you want to get started in the world of swinging.

1. You need to talk to your partner about it

It is very important that there is good communication between the two of you before stepping into this world.

When a couple decides to embrace this lifestyle and engage in amateur swinging, the partners need to feel comfortable.

You should not hide negative feelings like jealousy.

But if you’re looking to fix things that aren’t working in your relationship, that’s not how you’ll get there. In fact, the exact opposite will happen. On the contrary, you risk destroying everything.

Swinging works in couples who love each other and have a healthy relationship and communicate perfectly.

2. And above all, talk about what type of exchange you want

There are many ways to embrace a swinging lifestyle. You can go to libertine clubs in your cityor at a swinger party in a chalet organized on social networks and you can even participate in a luxury swinger cruise.

There are plenty of options for swinging, but not all of them are going to be right for you.

It’s very important that you talk about it.

libertine couples

3. Set rules

As this is a new lifestyle, it is very important to set certain rules. For example imagine that you go with your partner to a first date in a swingers club. If one of you wants to leave then he will have to speak with his partner first to find out whether she can stay or not.

4. Works by building trust between the two of you

To live this non-monogamous lifestyle, it is essential to work on the aspects of your personality that could make it not work.

In general, we do not advise a jealous person to swing. But if even being jealous you are curious enough to start, you should first work on this point of your personality.

5. First try on libertine sites, like Coupdunsoir

If you are attracted by the world of partner-swapping, but you are not yet sure enough to get started in real life, you can try to meet other libertine couples on the internet. And Coupdunsoir is the perfect site for that.

6. It’s better to know the couple you’re going to swing with

For that, dating sites are perfect, but we must not neglect the importance of a real date to meet and talk over a drink.

If things are going well and there’s chemistry, great. Otherwise, you will just have to look for another swinger couple.

7. Look for a swingers club

If you are already ready, the best thing is to search the internet for a swingers club. It is sure that you will be surprised by discovering that there is more in your city than you thought.

Also do your research on the rules of the place you are going to and follow them to the letter. Go well dressed and as presentable as possible, because the first impression is very important in this kind of places.


Advantages and disadvantages of swinging

As with almost everything in life, swinging has its pros and cons. For many libertine couples, this way of life saved their couple, for others it was the opposite….

Main benefits of swinging

  1. It is possible that the main advantage is that you can have sex with other people without being unfaithful.
  2. Sex is no longer boring or routine.
  3. It increases self-esteem. In the world of swinging, it is often the woman who goes with several men, which makes her feel valued. Being with multiple women also makes men feel valued.
  4. If it’s done well, swinging can increase confidence in couples unconventional.
  5. If you think about it, it’s a good way to get over one sided love because you can also go alone to a swingers club because it is one activity among many others.

Main disadvantages of swinging

  1. The main downside, for obvious reasons, is lack of trust. In general, it’s hard to separate sex from love, and swinging can create a lack of confidence. Comparisons will often be unavoidable. The frequency, the duration, the intensity, the size, all these points can be sources of jealousy.
  2. There may be a certain routine in your couple. If you are used to going to swingers clubs or group sex sessions with other swingers, Finding a classic sexuality can become boring.
  3. Sexually transmitted diseases. It’s obvious that the more you sleep with other people, the more likely you are to contract STDs.

Coupdunsoir, the perfect dating site to meet swinger couples

On Coupdunsoir, you can find everything, people looking for sex friends, others looking for one-night stands, others a serious relationship and of course, swinger couples looking for other couples.

Registration is freego ahead !


How to swing, we tell you everything


How to swing, we tell you everything


Would you like to have sex with other people while your partner is sleeping with other people?



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Where to find swingers We tested the Sun, the libertine sauna in Lyon

We tested the Sun, the libertine sauna in Lyon

A few months earlier, we were among friends around a table, gently emptying our glasses while bitching about daily life, the waiter, the job… I remember that this time the girls’ night gave off more of a loose atmosphere than of laughter. Nothing serious, a few well-chosen drinks would have been enough to relax us, if one of us had not marked the moment with a more solemn reflection than the usual tone of our evenings:

“Do you girls realize that we’ll never have firsts again?” »

And BAM! We had never actually thought of that!
It’s the reflection that instantly makes you look incredibly loose and creates wrinkles on your forehead in less than 20 seconds.

“The first date, the first trip, the first kiss…” the list can be long after all, don’t try to write it down, it’s endless. The bomb was dropped, the diagnosis made, we were in the middle of a loose evening of quadra-precocious girlfriends in search of thrills.

Since then, this evening has only stirred up a curiosity already well marked in my personality. Challenge, awareness or just need to be surprised… this thought often comes to mind and sometimes offers an excellent pretext to go a little further than what was planned.

The desire to discover, to still feel this excitement so precious from the first times, this perfect mix of surprise, emotion and fear that makes you waver slightly, hesitate a little and then go for it frankly in the face of a new experience. And that’s what I felt when I arrived in front of the doors of the “Sun”.

Go there… the first time

Yes, the Sun is a libertine sauna ; no vegan burgers or organic smoothies inside, we come here to look for something else… For those who, like me, have spent many nights scouring the bars of rue Sainte Catherine, well know that you were very close of this amazing place!

First of all, it is best to go to the Sun website, to carefully study the schedule in order to choose the evening best suited to your desires and those of your Jules. We chose Thursday.

A discreet entrance overlooked by two Hindu statues, and a security guard (very polite, it’s already reassuring), nothing alarming for the moment. It’s so hot from the doorstep that the urge to undress is instantaneous. Then, the young woman at the entrance welcomes us and asks us if we are coming for the first time, and describes the dress code and the places. So far it looks quite like the little window at the entrance to the clubs.

Basement: Observation and Interrogations

For the dress code it is quickly seen: a pareo for women, a bath towel for men, and a bracelet with the ticket for consumption. At first it may seem a little light, if like me you are not familiar with the naturist environment, later in the evening I will come to the conclusion that it is quite superfluous in the end (but everyone chooses to keep their pareo or not). The reception is pleasant and courteous.

We descend slowly – or cautiously? – to the changing rooms in the basement. The place already seems very big, lockers as far as the eye can see, a space with weight machines; for the moment we are still in the approach phase that I will call Observation and Interrogations.

Dressed in this cumbersome costume, we finally set off to explore the place…

Around the cloakroom space are corridors immersed in red light, which lead to small dark rooms, not many people at the moment… everything is calm. I have the impression of venturing out to discover a cellar with sprawling architecture and from which we don’t really know how to find the way out, or the Grail, it all depends on your state of mind. We’re not going to go back to ask the lady at reception for a plan either, so we move slowly, almost timidly through this maze of underground corridors. Escape game enthusiasts, you could find your account here…

Return to level 0 – whirlpool and relaxation

I end up finding the staircase by which I had arrived, go up and discover the huge room with colored lights, where it is really hot. It might be trivial if we weren’t in the middle of December, but walking around in Adam and Eve’s outfit while being so hot at this time is already a real pleasure. Passage to the showers, then I discover the central swimming pool, the bar with its Indian-inspired wooden ornaments, the large leather armchairs which adjoin the swimming pool, the (falsely) Hindu statues, and I immediately feel very good. Far, very far from the feeling of unease that my mind had vaguely imagined for a (short) moment of hesitation. We put down towel and sarong to go curl up in the hot tub and take full advantage of this moment of disconnection from everyday life. The Bollywood decor is surprising, the size of the place even more so. Some will see it as overloaded kitchouille decor, others, like me, a huge and spectacular colorful cave, but when I’m in a good mood I tend to be “good public”. Impossible to imagine that a stone’s throw from the Place des Terreaux that we know so well, hides such an unexpected place. I believe that from there, the “surprise” objective is already fulfilled!

Level 0 and 1 – Exploration

Around this swimming pool, we guess the entrance to access the sauna, a door to the hammam then another, a smoking area… I have the impression that it will take more than one evening to go around the place. The adventurous spirit takes over the relaxation moment and we are off again for the rest of the exploration. The very different rooms follow one another all around this swimming pool, I discover the pole-dance bar, but no one is playing with it that evening, another room with a screen on which a “humanist” documentary is projected, nooks, rooms with four-poster beds…
The visit promises to be long.

Sheltered from the hustle and bustle outside, with music that plunges back into the smooth atmosphere of sound naps, we go from discovery to discovery. It remains to discover the hidden corners upstairs, dark corridors, hiding places, a sigh… the description could be more exhaustive but at the risk of depriving you of the surprise effect, the precious one I was telling you about at the beginning . Far be it from me to spoil this delicious pleasure. So of course curiosity being a predominant element of human nature, reading this article you may want to ask me questions, frankly broach the subject of what happens next, and a thousand other questions…

I believe that the best way to satisfy your curiosity will be to go there, or not at all, but everyone’s privacy is preserved in this place and it seems appropriate not to reveal more here, nor later. At the Sun, the time belongs to you, your limits and your fantasies also the little kittens.


❤ What I liked
– the simple and uninhibited reception
– respectful contact with other couples
– the size of the place and its decor
– find yourself in love outside of time
– come with your hands in your pockets (less hassle than going to the swimming pool)
– the labyrinthine space

– hygiene perfectly respected

☁ What I liked less
– the Crémant at the bar a bit average


Thursday evening : couples evening (€54 for two), from 1 p.m. to 3 a.m.
Every last Friday of each month / youth evening (under 29) / good for beginners
Next event: March 9, the 7th anniversary of the Sun

The Sun Libertine (SunCity)
🏠 3, rue Ste-Marie des Terreaux Lyon 69001
🚇 City Hall Metro
⏰ open Wednesday from 1 p.m. to 2 a.m., Thursday from 1 p.m. to 3 a.m., Friday from 1 p.m. to 3 a.m., Saturday from 2 p.m. to 5 a.m.
☎ 04 72 10 02 21
💻 Go to the Sun website

Where to find swingers what are the differences with swinging?

what are the differences with swinging?


What is mixing?

Out of curiosity, to revive the desire within the couple, to spice up a monotonous sex life, to go further in the discovery of the other… All the reasons are good to try licentiousness, in particular the practice known as “mixing”. What exactly does it consist of? And what is the difference with swinging ?

Mixing: what is it?

In circles libertinesWe are talking about mixing meeting when singles or partners end up in bed with other couples or singles, but stick to caresses, kisses and foreplay in general. To the swinging difference, which therefore includes penetration, mixing is the “soft” counterpart of debauchery between couples. Blowjob and cunnilingus can be part of mixing practices, but as soon as we move on to something more “serious” so to speak, we talk about swinging. For followers of this practice, the beauty of licentiousness is to indulge in the most total hedonism. Aesthetics plays an important role, the decorations are often very refined and the outfits neat.

Appeared within the libertine circle of the 18th century, the practice of mixing is a real philosophy in its own right, and allows couples who are new to the debauchery to discover this little by little, without rushing each other. Around the 90s, this practice also made it possible to appease the spirits worried about the rise of AIDS. The limits of the relationship are in fact those which make it possible to avoid contamination. It may not be very glamorous, but it can reassure many people for whom licentiousness must rhyme with hygiene! In addition, caresses and kisses are real aphrodisiacs which, if used well, allow you to reach seventh heaven in less time than it takes to say!

The mixing meeting

During a mixing meeting, we can find couples, but also singles who mingle with the group and therefore benefit from the benefits of such exchanges. This group can be more or less numerous, there is a priori no limit of manpower! Far from voyeurism or exhibitionismmixing is meant to be a exchange of pleasures within a group that has come to experience sensuality at its most beautiful and healthiest. Some prefer do threesomesothers prefer make love to several.

Being a Mixer is a state of mind in its own right

In addition to the absence of penetration, swinging is distinguished from swinging by a rather different state of mind: for the followers of this practice, fantasy and aesthetics are more important than the sexual act itself. The idea is really to let your imagination wander while enjoying the caresses, kisses and other treats provided by your partners. Some mixers are very attached to the distinction between their practice and theswinging, in particular because they consider that their ideology does not join that of swingers. As a result, it is sometimes difficult for mixers of find libertine clubs or sites in which to satisfy their desires. More often than not, swingers clubs are, precisely, dedicated to swinging and having “complete” sex, if you can put it that way.

The libertine sites can make it easier for mixers to meet. Libertine communities have the opportunity to exchange more easily on the web, where many tools are available to them to facilitate the realization of appointments. Most of sites of mixing meeting offer targeted criteria to quickly find shoes that fit. Among these criteria, it is therefore possible to check “mixing” to only come across profiles of people who share this desire. Thus, no need to justify oneself in relation to the fact of not wanting to go as far as penetration, which is totally different from sex dating sites ! Young libertines, those who are new to this field, are particularly delighted to be able to go through this box before embarking on something else. But for some, mixing is more than enough, which is why they choose not to experiment with other practices and stick to this one, which suits them perfectly. Therefore, if you are not sure what you want, the whole thing is to test the different libertine practices to find out what you really like! And if you’re too shy, you can always start by using the sex sites on cam.

Where to find swingers Ranking of the best swinger dating sites of 2022!

Ranking of the best swinger dating sites of 2022!

Near’one in ten French people admit having already practiced swinging according to a study carried out by IFOP. Swinging is therefore a fashionable practice among the French, as is debauchery. To find partners, swingers today mainly turn to swinger dating sites.

Dozens of swinger sites exist but what is the best swinger site ? Our experts have tested the majority of sites to rank you the best swinger dating sites.

Ranking of swinger dating sites

1# Jacquie & Michel Swinger

logo-jacquieetmichel-swingersExcellent ! 4.7 out of 5 stars (4.7 / 5) (553 votes)

Jacquieetmichel-contact is a swinger dating site that has a very good ratio of swingers and swingers. The vocation of this dating site is to connect men, women and couples to practice the sexual relations they desire. Finding swinger couples is not complicated on Jacquie & Michel Echangiste.

Test for free

2# C-dating

c datingPerfect ! 4.1 out of 5 stars (4.1 / 5) (412 votes)

C dating is the reference site when it comes to naughty dating but also particularly swinger dating. A large number of users practice swinging on C-dating. Even if the site is not totally suitable for meeting swinger couples, it allows you to simply find swingers. This dating site has the advantage of being able to meet people who have a great diversity in their sexual practices.

Test for free

3# Exchange-dating

dating-swappingVery good ! 3.5 out of 5 stars (3.5 / 5) (2777 votes)

Dating-swapping is simply a good swingers dating site. Specialized in swinger dating, echangisme-rencontre is the site with the largest number of swinger couples looking for new swinger partners. Its specialization in the swinger meeting allows it to offer great efficiency in your meetings. The site has been designed to allow swingers to meet easily.

Test for free

4# Wyylde

wyyldeGood ! 3.1 out of 5 stars (3.1 / 5) (1212 votes)

Wyylde, formerly netechangisme, is a recognized site for online swinging and swinging. Wyylde has one of the largest communities of libertines and swinger couples. This swinger site works closely with swingers and libertine clubs and informs you of upcoming parties. Wyylde is primarily a site for libertinism but a good part of its members are open to swinger meetings.

Test for free

swinger couple

All about swinger dating

So what is a swinger?

Swingers are people who desire to have sexual and erotic relationships with other people who share their interests. “Everything can, nothing must”, as the catchphrase of the scene says. Anyone today who thinks of the traditional sexual combination of man and woman is mistaken. Swingers indulge in all kinds of sensuality, but respecting strict rules.

However, couples make up the majority of those attending swingers clubs on a weekly basis. Here, singles are not allowed in couples clubs. There are also swinger clubs with no entry requirements. This is where the traditional evenings of excess for gentlemen take place, which some couples also attend.

Swingers, in general, are open-minded, non-judgmental people. This applies to couples as well as the individuals listed above.

Who is swinging for?

Couples and individuals make up the swinging scene. Those who are not afraid to come into contact with people of the opposite sex or of the same sex can easily establish a connection in online swingers clubs and dating sites. Swinger couples are often parents who wish to free themselves from family life.

Eroticism and passionate sex are often incompatible with living in an apartment or a house. Therefore, many couples spend their weekends indulging in the nightlife, thus rekindling their dormant love for each other. In addition, after a short time, the circle of acquaintances widens considerably. We no longer talk about children, flowers or vacations, but we discuss the latest romantic gadgets or we meet for an erotic game of cards, which is a pleasant side effect.

Open-minded men are welcome, as long as they know how to behave. In general, single women have little trouble meeting in the middle of swinging. Of course, an open attitude to sensuality is required.

Swinger Dating: Advantages and Disadvantages


  • the circle of knowledge widens
  • the end of sexual monotony
  • unbridled sex with hospitality
  • couples have a new way of experiencing each other.
  • positive changes in people’s perception

The inconvenients

  • The reality does not reflect the profile on the swinger site
  • The lack of discretion of some swinger couples
  • Some swingers may be harassed.
  • Jealousy of the couple
  • Overwork due to intense sensuality
  • Relationship problems for some swinger couples

The Swinger Scene Code of Conduct

  1. Before touching another person, you must first ask your partner for permission
  2. Just in case: contraception is essential and the dress code must be respected
  3. If you’re new to the business, whether as a couple or individually, it should be obvious.
  4. You need to listen to your partner
  5. All terms must be

swinger couple

Online swinger dating

Find swingers quickly online

The best swinger site will allow you to find swinger couples without wasting time and even make a candaulist meeting. A swinger dating site will bring together a large number of swingers and will therefore facilitate your meetings, unlike traditional dating sites.

With hundreds of thousands of swingers registered on these sites, you can find partners that meet your requirements and live close to you.

Use the best swinger site

Many dating sites claim to be the best swingers site but a large proportion of them are real scams. By using the best swinger site or one of the sites in our top 3, you protect yourself from any possible scam of any kind and you make sure you meet real swingers.

The best sites in partner-swapping stand out from so-called traditional sites by their dedicated features and are the hub of practitioners.

What about swinger ad sites?

Swinger classifieds sites are really not the best way to meet a swinger couple. Indeed, these sites are full of fake swinger ads either automatically created by robots to generate traffic on the site or created by scrupulous people in order to obtain swinger photos.

These sites are not very popular with swingers and do not allow you to find a particular swinger couple unlike the best swinger dating site.

What about swingers clubs?

The swingers and swingers clubs are the traditional way to meet swingers but are increasingly shunned by swingers and thus are running out of steam on the contrary of swinger sites which are very popular. Swingers’ clubs are not so numerous in France, are paying and do not necessarily accept all newcomers. In addition, it is rare that you will find compatible partners before many libertine or swinger parties.

swinger couple

Where to meet swingers?

Swingers obviously do not walk around with a sign, but organize themselves via swinger dating sites and swingers clubs. C-dating is one of the most popular sites. This site has done a great job of balancing hot sex topics with the swinger community.

The main benefit of a good swinger site is, of course, the ability to observe. These sites offer a free account where you can study member profiles, forum posts, and test results at your leisure. Couples or individuals who want to actively participate in the swinging scene can upgrade their account later for a monthly fee and gain access to additional services, such as movies filmed by the members themselves.

Besides online dating sites, there are many public places where swingers gather after the sun goes down. In summer, there are swimming lakes, car parks and swimming pools; in winter, saunas. In other cities, restaurants also cater to swingers, but these establishments are generally considered to be insider recommendations. Without forgetting the erotic hotels with their lovingly decorated rooms. If you are planning a weekend here, you will undoubtedly be identified as a swinger. All of this material can be found on the appropriate porn forums as experience reports.

Swinger site: who is it for?

Swinging is just a common subset of polyamorous sexual behaviors. But what drives so many individuals to move away from conventional models of monogamous relationships to engage in mate-swapping activities? Swinging is an exhilarating experience, and there are plenty of singles and married couples out there who share your sexual preferences.

Have you ever tried offline swinging? Then you probably know how difficult it can be to organize a swinger meeting without the help of modern technology. Fortunately, you can now use a variety of online swinger dating sites.

In addition, there are many swinger sites that can help you meet people, but you have to be careful to choose the right one. To avoid scams, we’ve compiled a list of the best swinger dating sites for you above.

The best swinger sites provide a private and secure environment for swingers to establish their swinger relationships online. They are ideal when you are looking for a swinger couple or a spontaneous threesome. Registration is always free, so there is no downside. Before venturing into the swinging scene, it is good to familiarize yourself with the “culture”. Swinging is not an area of ​​lawlessness.

Also, there are different perverse tastes and inclinations. Some couples enjoy cuckolding while others prefer to relax and seek out a traditional partner swap.

Note: If you want to make another specific meeting, discover the ranking of dating sites for each type of meeting: Top 100 dating sites, senior dating site, Libertine dating site, Adultery dating site, Naughty dating site, Dating site without a future, cougar dating site, Fetish dating site, BDSM Dating Site, Dating site for fucking, Swinger dating site.

Where to find swingers are swinger couples happier?

are swinger couples happier?

Verified on 04/11/2022 by PasseportSanté

Swinger: are swinger couples happier?

Being a swinger is an increasingly widespread practice, yet it still lends itself to controversy. Sometimes discreet or claimed, the swinger couple advocates sexual excitement and the renewal of the desire that this generates.

Being a swinger can present risks for the equilibrium of the partners. In this article, we take stock of this form of licentiousness.

The swinger couple, what is it?

What are the principles of swinging?

Swinging is the result of a common desire of the partners to have sexual relations with a third person: the man has a relationship with another woman, the woman with another man.

Swinging can be practiced between 2 couples, but not only. The spouse can choose a single woman, and vice versa.

By definition, the swinger couple, within the framework of their libertine practice, envisages the sexual act in an ephemeral way, like a relationship without a future.

Why use swapping?

The question of swinging arises in a social context where this sexual practice is experienced by a growing number of couples.

Being a swinger to spice up your sex life

To rekindle desire, in the opinion of some: seeing one’s spouse having sex with another can cause jealousy, and therefore desire. Others evoke the survival of the couple, when time experiences the excitement and pleasure of sexuality.

Being a swinger allows you to look elsewhere without betraying your spouse’s trust, to be unfaithful without deceiving.

The swinger couple also highlights the realization of fantasies that the other does not share or the fantasy of seeing their spouse with another, sometimes in the context of a homosexual relationship.

Whatever the reasons for swinging, the couple who engage in it aim for better sexual fulfillment, as a means of being happier.

Is it an occasional practice or a recurring need?

To try, driven by a growing fashion effect, or to satisfy a fantasy on an ad hoc basis, swinging is practiced occasionally.

There are many playgrounds available to the swinger couple such as:

  • Specialized dating sites;
  • libertine clubs;
  • swinger nightclubs.

After a first experience, the partners can quickly realize that in the end, they do not adhere to the concept.

adulterous relationships

On the contrary, other people find what they came for: framed adulterous relationships, in full view of the partner, creating additional excitement and rekindling desire in the couple.

These people are likely to regularly frequent swingers’ nightclubs. Swinging places thus represent a tool for sexual fulfillment and a guarantee of happiness.

Swinging and infidelity: being a swinger is cheating?

The question of the morality of swinging is necessarily raised when these sexual mores are evoked.

Adultery, infidelity, deception, these terms are regularly mentioned as a thin border with partner-swapping. The swinger couple denies this, claiming the fact that the spouse knows about and sometimes attends sexual intercourse with a third party makes this practice more moral.

In the absence of lies, concealment stratagems and double lives, the partners say they form an even more united duo, a team that works together to maintain the balance of their romantic relationship.

Does swinging make you happier?

Faced with the swinger couple, opinions differ. Being a swinger would not necessarily make you happier, other means of reviving desire and boosting libido being accessible, the risks represented by this assumed libertinage would not be worth the candle.

Swinging is a sexual practice that can make the couple flourish if it is agreed to by two.

When swinging tests the couple: the dangers of a controversial practice

Despite the absence of secrecy and the mutual consent of the couple’s partners, swinging can feel like a betrayal once practiced.

What are the risks of swinging?

Jealousy can become unbearable for the other partner in certain situations, for example:

  • when the spouse takes more pleasure than during sexual relations within the couple;
  • when the swinging partner exhibits superior physical attractiveness or practices novel positions.

Being a swinger can lead to the loss of the couple in the event that one of the two spouses is surprised to experience romantic feelings for a regular swinger partner.

Finally, the swinger couple can feel a real addiction over sexual encounters with third parties. The ever-increasing sexual desire for a partner outside the couple does not necessarily lead to fulfillment and happiness.

Our tips for getting started in swinging

If you want to get started in swinging, here are some tips to apply:

  • If you are in a relationship: talk to his/her partner and define his/her expectations;
  • know what type of swinging you want;
  • establish rules and boundaries;
  • do not forget to protect yourself;
  • go gradually.

Where to find swingers How to find a bi couple in France?

How to find a bi couple in France?

bi couple

Where to find a bi couple?

Licentiousness is a centuries-old practice that has become widely democratized in France over time. Today, his followers, heirs of Sade and other illustrious characters with loose morals, are no longer ashamed to claim themselves as such, so many are those who choose to embark on a search for sex on swinger dating sites. and libertines. Concretely, how to find a bi couple in France?

The best swinger sites of the moment

If you want to find a bi couple in order to achieve a libertine swinger encounter, it is very easy to go through the “dating site” box which offers undeniable advantages. First of all, popular and reputable sites are a guarantee of security for libertine apprentices who are looking to meet people without risking falling into unpleasant surprises, such as scammers hidden behind a very attractive profile. On the best dating sites – those that have a serious reputation and regularly updated ads – there is no need to ask questions: the moderators keep an eye on the grain, so that each user can enjoy a particularly efficient and secure service. Swinger sites allow couples and singles to connect anywhere in the world. In France as in Europe, it is therefore very simple to find what you are looking for by using this technique. All you have to do is register on good sites such as DeviensLibertin.com or ErotiLink.com to have access to thousands of profiles of individuals looking for sex with others. Then, by putting a good profile online and taking the first step towards the members who interest you the most, you will easily manage to conclude naughty dates, each more exciting than the next! Opt for swinger sites that are recognized in the field of libertinism, especially if you are looking for a bi couple with whom to get laid. For example, I like DeviensLibertin. The more traditional sites indeed offer fewer possibilities of finding a match, in particular because those who register there do not necessarily do so with the aim of finding a single person for a threesome. And if you are in a relationship, it is clearly easier to go through a swinger site to find plans that perfectly match your expectations.

Libertine clubs

It is also possible to find bisexual couples in clubs. We find libertine clubs everywhere in France, even in small towns, so it is not complicated to go to one of them. On site, everything is done to facilitate sex between participants: the atmosphere is torrid, rooms are reserved for rascals who wish to isolate themselves to get to know each other better, and hygiene rules are respected. Only downside, in our opinion: it can be more complicated for a single man to meet people, or even simply to be accepted at the entrance. Some clubs have far too many single men showing up, and are therefore forced to make a selection and only let in a certain number. The libertine clubs are therefore an option that should be considered, but not necessarily to be clung to at all costs. In addition, with regard to prices, it may be more advantageous to register on 1 or 2 dating sites for swingers than to go to a club, where the bill can quickly be salty and leave only one bitter taste due to the lack of meetings made inside… For all these reasons, we advise you to favor libertine sites, on which you will be able to select precisely the ads that interest you. Thus, depending on your tastes, your age or your geographical location, you can target the ads most likely to correspond to what you registered for on the site. By implementing some good advice on the creation of your profile and your method of approach, you will succeed in no time in concretizing very hot libertine encounters with bi couples in France.

Where to find swingers comparison and advice for a swinger meeting

comparison and advice for a swinger meeting

Published on June 22, 2020 • Modified on December 24, 2021

Although this practice has recently evolved, swinging is still the subject of a taboo. Thus, it is very rare for swingers to clearly display their lifestyle in public. Whether you’re a couple or a single looking to have a little fun, the rest of this article is for you. Our comparison of swinger sites and our advice will allow you to have a successful swinger encounter !

Recommended swinger dating sites

1# Exchange-dating


Echangisme-rencontre is a dating site dedicated exclusively to swingers. They already have a huge swinger community and the number of members is growing rapidly. This site offers a very correct and user-friendly interface to provide a perfect experience during your swinger encounters.

Website : https://www.echangisme-rencontre.com

2# C-Dating


C-dating is not specifically designed for the swinger scene but can meet the needs of swingers looking for partners. The popularity of this naughty site allows it to have a large user base. Thus, swingers will have no difficulty in finding sexual partners.

Website : https://www.c-dating.com

3# Erotilink


Erotilink is a naughty dating site offering the possibility for singles and couples to have sex with others. The site also caters to couples seeking transgender. Erotilink is perfect for couples and singles looking for naughty threesomes or more.

Website : https://www.erotilink.com

Swinger site: the selection criteria

The swinger dating sites are more and more numerous on the internet. These sites are aimed at both couples and singles. This practice makes it possible to change partners from time to time without having to engage in a unfaithful encounter.

Many married couples claim that swinging relationships help strengthen their relationship. In particular, married people indulging in this practice never get bored in their sex life. Moreover, these people also say that swinging promotes better understanding within the couple, especially on an emotional level.

It is good not to click on the first swinger site that comes along and do a little more research. Here are some criteria that can guide you in your choice.

  1. Prefer a swinger site that has private messaging. It is good to be able to send messages to certain members in particular. Thus, you can organize meetings in a limited committee, which is not possible through the discussion forums.
  2. Pay attention to member profiles. Swinging is an intimate practice that requires a certain attraction for the experience to be successful. Thus, do not hesitate to consult the profiles of the members and to retain those which present a rather detailed description. You will know if the person is likely to please you in real life.
  3. Try a swinger site that offers a free trial. The free version usually does not include the full feature set. However, it is sufficient to get an idea of ​​the content of the site and its operation. If you like the principle, you can then choose to take out a paid subscription.
  4. Choose a site that offers discussion forums. In general, access to discussion forums is free. Virtual chat rooms make it easy to get in touch with other swinger members and get to know them.
  5. Check user reviews. It is usually not easy to access reviews of swinger sites. Yet this is the best way to find out about a site. So don’t hesitate to go to some trouble to find these valuable opinions. You will be able to more easily judge the value of the site.

swinger couple met on a swinger dating site

On most reliable swinger sites, everything is thought out to guarantee the user a safe and secure experience.. Nevertheless, it is preferable that you maintain a certain vigilance while using these sites. For this, you only need to follow a few simple but essential rules.

  1. Create a new email address that you will only use for the swingers dating site. Registration on a site requires in the vast majority of cases to enter an email address. Having an email address dedicated to the site will allow you to separate the activities related to swinging from the rest.
  2. Choose a password that is different from the password(s) you typically use. Some sites offer a password themselves.
  3. Choose an attractive pseudonym that does not contain any personal information such as your year of birth or your telephone number.
  4. Do not share personal information with other members of the site. Although swinger sites implement certain verification procedures, it is not excluded that scammers still manage to crack down on them.

Swinging is a great way to add something extra to your sex life, whether you’re single or already in a relationship. Swinger sites will allow you to explore your every fantasies without restraint.

Which swinger dating site is right for me?

For many, the term “swapping” refers to the vision of an orgy or a bawdy party where anything goes. In reality, this practice is a little more complex. Below are some explanations of the intricacies of the swing.

Exchange Partners

Everything is said in the title. Exchanges of women or men obviously occur between consenting couples. For these couples, the monogamous relationship is not enough. It is very rare for a single person to be involved in a swinging relationship as it is understood.

Have a threesome

In general, the threesomes are made up of a couple, married or not, and a single person. In the majority of cases, this threesome represents a fantasy, both for the couple and for the single person. Some couples try this practice with a friend, mutual or not. Most often, couples prefer to try the experience with a stranger they will meet through a dating site.

By using a dating site for couples, you are sure not to cross the line with a friend. These sites are used by singles as well as couples.

The ideal formula and the combinations vary according to the dating sites. On some, the privileged meetings are the FFM (two women, one man). On others, it is the opposite (MMF, ie two men and one woman). Finally, some dating sites are intended for homosexual couples.

In general, these sites are perfectly anonymous. It is even possible that friendships are born between the members, but it is not an obligation: it is up to you.

Try the orgy experience

The orgy generally corresponds well to the image we have of it. The same room brings together several consenting people who exchange sexual favors. However, some people do not participate: they derive satisfaction and pleasure from watching.

These orgies are usually organized from swinger sites. All the rules to know are specified there: the people you can touch or the behavior to adopt.

It is worth noting that there are more specific swinger sites, for example aimed at people of a particular ethnicity. On the other hand, these specialized sites are quite rare. The most common are meant to be generalists and welcome people of all ages and origins.

Discover the world of swinger dating

If monogamy isn’t for you, swinger dating might be the solution for you. Many sites allow you to make this type of meeting. However, before embarking on the search for the ideal site, you must consider certain important elements.

First, you must determine your limits, the threshold not to cross. For example, if you are looking for a threesome, ask yourself if you are really ready to have sex with someone of the same sex as you.

Most men find the prospect of sharing their bed with two women very exciting. However, if you yourself are one of these two women, do you really want to share a man and have sex with another woman?

If men enjoy sleeping with several women at the same time, women are not left out. For them too, the idea of ​​sharing an intimate moment with several men is very pleasant. As a man, is this idea also to your liking?

If you want to register for a naughty site as a couple, take the time to have a clear conversation with your partner before going any further. Do not hesitate to consult dating sites intended for couples. On these sites, you will find useful recommendations from other couples who have already tried the experience.

Start the experience with gentle swinging

You don’t know where to start or you still don’t know if swinging is really for you? Soft swinging is a good introduction. This practice is essentially limited to kisses and hugs, or even caresses and masturbation if the current is going well.

How to proceed to discover soft swinging?

It bears repeating the importance of having a clear and honest conversation with your partner before going any further with the experience. After having defined together the rules and a framework to be respected, you can embark on this practice serenely.

To start, it is possible to go to swingers clubs. All it takes is a few searches on the internet to quickly find swingers clubs located near your home. However, the possibility of meeting an acquaintance puts off most people who are tempted.

So, if you are particularly concerned about maintaining your anonymity, theregistration on a swinger site is a good idea. There are many swinger sites available on the internet, and therefore a wide choice of profiles. Browsing this type of site will also allow you to gently familiarize yourself with the world of partner-swapping.

Where to find swingers Swinger sex plan: The best site to find a sex plan – xAttractive.com

Swinger sex plan: The best site to find a sex plan – xAttractive.com

Nowadays, thanks to the internet and social networks, it has never been so easy to find a swinger sex with women or couples all over France. But you still need to know the good sites that work and on which you will find people who are looking for the same thing as you… Today, discover one of the largest libertine dating network in France, and get in touch with women and libertine couples looking for swinger sex… We present it to you now! Plus, registration is free!

swinger ass plan
Profile of a swinger couple registered on the site and amateur of “parking plans”

see this profile

To find a swinger hookup quickly and easily near you, drop the usual dating sites like meetic, badoo or even adopteunmec. Most of the women on these networks are looking for more or less serious encounters… It will therefore be difficult for you to find an encounter quickly. Not to mention the competition, because indeed, men usually far outnumber the opposite sex online. Many dating sites offer you to find a swinger sex near you. You still have to find the right one, and that’s what we’ve done for you! Let us present to you in a few lines, the site which for us is the best dating site to find a swinger sex and libertine with couples or women living in your area!

Why choose this swinger dating site?

swinger fuck

  • Registration for this swinger dating site is 100% free!
  • A unique filtering system, which blocks the registration of single men if there are too many of them online! Thus, competition is limited and allows men / women / couples less competition, and therefore more meetings and swinger sex easy ! If during your first visit you cannot register, try your luck again a little later. This is a system that might seem restrictive, but which in reality allows you to meet a lot more people by limiting the number of single men online at the same time.
  • Many profiles of women and swinger couples all over France
  • An active moderation team hunting down fake user profiles
  • Many uncensored photos, and detailed research descriptions
  • A geolocation that allows you to see the online members closest to you
  • All the necessary options for meeting people: Chat, messaging, webcam lounge…
  • Easy and pleasant to use on a computer, smartphone or tablet
  • For us, simply the best site to find a booty call swinger !

free registration black dating

To read : As specified in this article, registrations for single men are sometimes limited if there are too many of them online. Why ? Quite simply to limit competition and permanently ensure that the number of couples and women online are at least equal to the number of single men… Result: More response to your messages, more contacts and therefore more meetings and swinger and libertine ass plan! If during your first visit, registrations are closed to men, don’t hesitate to try your luck again a little later!

On this site, don’t be surprised to discover hundreds of personal photo galleries, where couples and women share their experiences and their naughty encounters. Indeed, many couples love “parking” meetings and other dogging plans, a classic in libertine circles… In addition to swinger sex, you may be able to find libertine evenings organized in your region by couples who like group plans and wild encounters without the fuss… Sex and good humor are on the agenda! Do not hesitate to share your experience with this swinger dating site in the comments at the bottom of the page!

libertine ass plan
Other photos of members who love outdoor plans

Where to find swingers How to dress to go to a libertine club?

How to dress to go to a libertine club?

A question that often comes up is “how to dress to go to a libertine club? “. And it’s true that we asked ourselves this question too when we went there for the first time. What libertine club outfit? What swinger club outfit? In this article, we will share with you everything you need to know about libertine parties in clubs, how they take place, etc. This will then allow us to better understand the question of dress codes, the libertine dress code. And then, first of all, is there only one way to dress for a libertine evening? We tell you everything about the ideal outfit for a libertine evening in a club… libertine.

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The course of an evening in a libertine club

How to dress in a libertine club? What outfit for a swingers club?

To know how to dress in a libertine club, you still have to know what awaits you there! Hence the need for us to make a small point on the question.

You set foot in a codified universe

The wound among the libertines, it is the profiteers, the scratchers and other big balls. They are usually spotted because they do not blend in, both in their attitude and their clothing.

Coming to a club without respecting the basics (which we detail below in the article) is to give a bad image of you. Libertines and swingers present in clubs attach importance to these details.

Thus, it is very important to respect the dress code… but not only. The dress of the libertine must be accompanied by hygiene and an attitude in adequacy. You have to give others confidence so that they can judge you as being a real respectful swinger.

You go to a libertine club to seduce and be seduced

When you go to a libertine club, whether you are alone or accompanied, you have to keep in mind that everything is not won in advance. If the libertines and swingers present are open-minded and have come to naughty (like you), that does not mean that they will naughty with everyone or anyhow.

Therefore, you will have a little work to do to approach the people you like and offer them more intimate moments. This goes through a phase of seduction… and seduction is knowing how to be seductive.

Obviously, no one will want to approach you if you choose clothes that do not show you off or that also serve you for going to the market. In short, it’s compulsory evening wear.

And vice versa: you will certainly be refused if you show up with irrelevant clothes.

You go to a libertine club to naughty

what to put libertine clubFinally, if it is allowed to come to a libertine club to watch, and that nothing is obligatory… Let’s not lie to ourselves: the vast majority of people come to naughty. To seduce, to be seduced is one thing… But you also have to make people want to.

Therefore, an ideal club outfit is one that flatters you and makes you look sexy. Do not hesitate to unpack your assets!

You can opt for a sexy outfit as for an outfit trash : it all depends on the people you want to please, and it all depends on your tastes.

In short, dressing to go to a libertine evening is knowing how to make yourself sexy… even very sexy!

On our first outing to a busy club, we met women in their underwear (bras, thongs, garter belts and stilettos): they were customers, not suckers! Beside them danced women in mini-dresses, and others with more extravagant outfits (only dressed in chains, among other things!).

The common point of all these women is that they gave off a sexual side and that they assumed their bodies.

Libertine club lingerie often highlights the femininity and sexyness of women.

Now that you know a little more about the atmosphere in a libertine club, we will be able to address the question of dress in more detail: how to dress for a libertine evening in a club?

How to dress to go to a libertine club?

The answer to the question “how to dress to go to a libertine club” actually depends on the libertine club in which you are going to go. Let’s break it all down together.

How to dress to go to a libertine sauna?

There are many so-called “wet” clubs, in which you will find sauna, hammam, jacuzzi, swimming pool, etc. In short, there is water, and heat. We generally speak of a “libertine sauna” because the interior temperature is already very high, as if the entire club were a sauna (not too hot, should not be abused anyway).

Libertine saunas have a unique dress code: naked.

When you go to a libertine sauna, there is no need to think too long about the outfit you are going to put on because you will put it in the cloakroom when you enter (but you need a correct minimum). You will swap it for a sarong and/or a towel that you are given at the entrance.

In rare cases, some people come with “accessories” that are not clothes. For example, we saw a woman with a satin cord tied around her hips, from which hung a whistle with feathers…

But to sum up, do not think too long about how you will dress to go to a libertine evening if you choose a sauna club. Go to the simplest way to undress and get dressed. This kind of club does not select its clientele on this criterion.

The little trick: if you go to a libertine sauna in the evening, plan a very warm outfit for the return. On winter evenings, we cherished our hats and scarves after an evening in a libertine sauna club. Yes, going from hot and humid to vigorous cold can hurt. We had also fallen ill after our first evening: after having provided a lot of effort, fatigue added to the cold, the cold got the better of us! So get covered! The cock when you enter, the head when you leave!

How to dress to go to a libertine club / a libertine box?

man dressed libertine clubThe “classic” libertine clubs, for their part, generally agree to impose a dress code. Moreover, if this is not the case in a libertine sauna, in a libertine club, the management reserves the right to refuse you entry if you do not respect the dress codes imposed by the house.

The vast majority of libertine clubs ask men to come in a chic and sober outfit. Understand shirt and city shoes mandatory. If you come with a t-shirt or flip flops, you will have a very high chance of being turned away. We do not put any clothes to go to a libertine evening! The outfit of the man reflects the state of mind that it must have, namely a dominant posture, chic, respectful of oneself and of others.

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The outfit of the woman, too, must meet some requirements. However, the great diversity of outfits allows women to have greater flexibility in choosing their libertine outfit. Therefore, Sir, be patient because it is normal for Madame to take her time in choosing an appropriate outfit!

In short. Libertine clubs expect women to be sexy. It’s the key word. The only obligations are high heels, and revealing your body. Then, let your imagination run wild! You can put on a little dress like coming in lingerie! There is something for every taste !

A little tip: We advise women not to wear trousers or shorts… for simple logistical reasons!

Some special cases

Special evenings: how to dress?

“Classic” libertine clubs, especially those that welcome many libertines and swingers, like to organize special themed evenings. In these special cases, the dress code may be different from usual.

Thus, the most commonly organized libertine parties are parties with a colorful theme “white party”, “red party”, “dark party”, etc. But there are also lace evenings, leather evenings, etc.

In short, find out about the agenda of the libertine club where you want to go before getting ready. Just to be in the theme and to wear a suitable outfit!

Dress to go to a less “classic” libertine club

how to dress bdm fetish clubIf there are classic libertine clubs, it is because there are others that are less so! The most common are BDSM-fetish clubs.

If you’re wondering how to dress to go to a BDSM-fetish libertine club, it’s probably because you haven’t been fully initiated into the practice!

Large clubs that want to attract a lot of people are often less demanding and specify that you have to wear black clothes and / or materials such as leather, latex, etc.

For the others, they ask you to come in your “usual” outfits, which correspond to your practices and the roles you usually hold.

If you are a fan of roleplay, therefore, come in your well-known outfits. Otherwise, it’s restrictive outfits, embellished with accessories. However, the outfits remain sexual and suggestive for women!

For further : The Libertinage Guide (initiation to licentiousness)

This is what we had to tell you about how to dress in a swinger club. We hope this article has helped you find your bearings and removed some doubts.

In a few words: assume yourself and be sexy!

Voluptuously yours,

Your coaches in libertinage,

Alice and Fabrice

Where to find swingers Swinging | AMP Psychologies.com

Swinging | AMP Psychologies.com

Sociologist, professor at the University of Toulouse-Le Mirail, but also activist of the Toulouse collective Motivé-es, Daniel Welzer-Lang is a specialist in gender and the male question. He has notably published “Les Hommes violents” (Little library Payot, 2005) and “Men also change” (Payot, 2004).
Its work has often been followed by concrete actions. He thus co-founded the first center for violent men in France, and his studies on prostitution led to the creation of the Cabiria community health bus in Lyon. It is also his commitment to AIDS prevention – he chairs the Toulouse association Couples contre le sida 31, and collaborates on the multisexualites-et-sida.org website – which has allowed him to explore the world of partner-swapping. Extremely documented, La Planète echangiste (Payot, 2005) is the result of four years of fieldwork. This is the first sociological work on the subject.

PSYCHOLOGY: For many, swinging still smells of sulfur. However, we are witnessing a proliferation of clubs in France. Is it becoming commonplace?

DANIEL WELZER-LANG: In 1998, there were three to four hundred thousand amateurs in France who practiced in secret. Today, we can say that there is no French department without a swinger club; medium-sized towns have two or three. In recent years, swinging has benefited from strong media coverage and the proliferation of gay clubs. Straight boxes followed.

The swinger population has therefore also changed…

The population, but also the practices. To the “traditional” swingers over 40 years old have been added many young couples. They come to have fun, watch and practice a more playful sexuality, which involves seduction more than consumption. They are still looking for a place that the older ones do not always leave them. This also explains the proliferation of clubs: the offer must adapt to new demands and will therefore be segmented. I think that in the near future, we will find “hard” spaces and more mundane spaces almost everywhere, clubs for bisexual men, for gang bangs (Gang bang: practice which consists, for a woman, in indulging sexually to a group of men), and even for women who wear jeans! [Aujourd’hui, seules les femmes en robe ou en jupe sont admises, ndlr]
You have observed that it is very often the man who takes the initiative in partner-swapping. What drives him to want to “swap” his wife for someone else’s?
The swinger man is generally a bon vivant who loves sex. For him, the possibility of having multiple partners is comforting for the ego and manhood. But we must distinguish the man in couple from the single man who can be accompanied for an evening. The man in a relationship is generally very much in love with his partner, very attentive to her, and feels valued by her beauty. And if he comes to barter his wife for his own pleasure, he also lets her negotiate his own pleasure. From there, there are two types of discourse: either we do everything together, or we go our separate ways. I also observe that, for many men, swinging is a way of trying their hand at bisexuality, even if, within clubs, it is still quite hidden. I estimate that in a swingers club, one in three men is bi.

And the women, what are they looking for?

Women follow their spouse because they want to please them, and also because, from a certain age, they want to be reassured about their potential for seduction. There is also a curiosity on their part. It is an environment where the beauty of bodies is not judged abruptly, where they can hear that they are still beautiful. They also openly find pleasure in female bisexuality. Many of them even say they feel better treated in swingers’ clubs, where they can say no to solicitations without creating conflict. In general, women who enjoy themselves in swingers’ clubs do not see themselves as bargaining chips for their husbands. In the provinces, they belong to a middle class, made up of traders, computer scientists or people from the medical professions, who have not integrated the critical feminist discourse. There are few “intellectuals” in these establishments. Only a few women – and these are often senior executives – admit to “only coming for a cock”, claiming their sexuality in a masculine way. The club system is for them fast, efficient and without follow-up.
So we never come to a club to look for feelings?
More and more couples say they come here to make friends, and it’s true that swingers – because they can only share their experiences with other swingers – have a nurturing sense of belong to a non-conformist elite. Some single men, who were traditional clients of prostitution, also say they are looking for a soul mate in these clubs. Swing, the swinging magazine, even published a page of wedding announcements. But, apart from these cases, many swingers still seek to preserve their anonymity. I know some who only come to a club in Paris, where they will be sure not to be recognized. Many fuck without giving their real name! This anonymity is of course linked to the social taboo, but it is also an erotic motor and a guarantee for the solidity of the couple. Husbands often think that their wives can’t manage a sexual act accompanied by an acquaintance with their one-night partner. They fear that this simple physical relationship will turn into attachment.
Jealousy therefore remains present, despite the number of partners…
Often, men who start coming to clubs are happy that their partner agrees to follow them. At first, they have no problem seeing her with another woman, but it gets complicated when they are hugged by other men. Many men report that they disband when they enter swinging. It takes time for them to move beyond the patriarchal pattern of possessing women. As for women, they may like being called a slut once, but no more. They then complain about the ambient erotic poverty to avoid returning to the club.

Many couples say, however, that swinging has strengthened a relationship weakened by routine…

Indeed, many practitioners have told me that they have rekindled their erotic and sexual emotions through partner-swapping. For them, it’s a way to cement their couple. They are also united around the idea of ​​a transgression. They say to themselves: “Ah, if Grandmother only knew! But when a couple is going through a deep crisis, it’s a delusion to believe that partner-swapping will be able to magically put them back together. It doesn’t work, and it works all the less because the clubs remain relatively shocking places for women. Swinging is not a solution for a couple in crisis, except, perhaps, if the crisis is purely sexual.
Conversely, can partner-swapping break up couples?
I know very few ruptures attributable to this practice alone. It remains true that with partner-swapping, women can discover another world, acquire greater confidence. By gaining autonomy through sexuality, they can then take a step back from the conjugal model. The couple can also break up because the woman can’t stand her husband wanting to drag her into practices she doesn’t want. This is the drop of water that will break the camel’s back. But, in general, swinger couples are very “familialistic”. They often have children they keep away and practice swinging as a ritual. Some only go to a club on the occasion of a birthday, or once a year, during a week’s holiday without children in Cap-d’Agde for example. Today’s swingers are quite conservative and have nothing to do with the libertarians who practiced collective sexuality after 1968. Basically, they have a fairly normative sexuality.
The libertines of today would therefore not have shaken up the relationship between men and women?
It is not so simple. If swinging is a form of recomposing male domination, this practice also reflects an evolution in the relations between the sexes. Women assert their own desire and autonomy, just as they assert themselves in other social activities. And men give up certain prerogatives considered as the foundations of virility: they accept that their wives have other partners, they can ask to be caressed on the anus and, sometimes, even allow themselves to be touched by the hands of men. In a way, we can therefore say that their domination is crumbling.


“Welcome under the duvet! How licentiousness woke up our couple” by Marie and Stanislas.
An anonymous testimony written by two on the desires and the search for pleasure of a young couple (Payot, 2005).
(The first name is the same, but our journalist is not the author of this book, editor’s note.)

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