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WWE Star Brock Lesnar Destroys Ring With A Tractor [Video]

Last night, one of WWE’s premiere events in Summer Slam took place in Nashville. The event itself was absolutely wild as there were some instant classic moments. Many saw Logan Paul, brother of Jake Paul, fight the Miz in his first event under contract. Fans saw the return and final fight of wrestling phenom Rick Flair.

Fans were also able to catch another wrestling legend’s return in Brock Lesnar, as he would face off against Roman Reigns. Lesnar has his name attached to several professional sports. He spent a brief period of time on the Minnesota Vikings and even had a few years fighting in the UFC, but he will always be known as one of the WWE’s most entertaining stars.

Lesnar didn’t disappoint last night as he pulled out a surprising and unexpected tool to help him out against Roman Reigns. Mid way through the fight, Lesnar decided to take a tractor and lift up the entire ring and tossed Roman out. Yea, you read that right!

Unfortunately for Lesnar, the match still ended with him losing to Reigns. While Roman might have won the match, Lesnar won the hearts of the fans. After the show ended, he climbed to the top of the broken ring and enjoyed the scene of what many assume is his last fight.

I don’t know about you guys, but that was the most entertaining match I ever watched.

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Зал Чайковского — новый дом открыт для всех | With us in Hamburg

24. Янв, 2015

Photo: Ю. Buterusa


На площади Чайковского 14 December 2014 г. был торжественно открыт духовно-культурный центр русской православной церкви св. прав. Иоанна Кронштадтского.

Как и площадь, общинный дом имя великого русского композитора иетра иайковского, чей 175-летний мы оы оjects.

Строительство духовно-культурного центра шло быс м темпами: от закладки первого юон 2013 года fte Важным этапом на этом пути было посещение строительной площадки архиепископом BERLINским и Германским Феофан. В February 2014 the year 2014 was possible in the year and ознакомился с ходом работ на строительстве. Через месяца гноство гостей собралось в будущем доме чайкого на нраздник зодения зод expert, крышш.

Where in December 2014 г. My by the wheel should be cleared and the car will be free. 14 декабря в храме св. прав. Иоанна Кронштадтского Божественную Литургию совершил собор архиереев: архиепископ Берлинский и Германский Феофан, архиепископ Егорьевский Марк, руководитель Управления Московской Патриархии по зарубежным учреждениям, архиепископ Петергофский Амвросий, ректор Санкт-Петербургской Духовной Академии. Владыкам сослужили клирики BERLINско-GERMANской епархии. По окончании боственной литургии состоялсges ход в зание чома чайкого, гыло совершеног routes ндани ° lairs

Владыка Феофан высказал слова благодарности настоятелю храма св. прав. Иоанна Кронштадтского в Гамбурге отцу Сергию Бабурину, инициатору и организатору этого замечательного проекта.

Открытие Дома Чайковского — это огромное событие не только для прихожан храма, но и для всех жителей Гамбурга. Первых посетителей привлекла выставка художников Ольги and Александра Герлах. В Доме Чайковского начала работать их мастерская и художественная школа, где Ольга и Александр будут обучать детей и взрослых академической живописи. Для паломников здесь готовы комнаты для проживания. Для приходских мероприятий есть удобный зал, а для самых разных занятий уже подготовлены аудитории. В марте на первом этаже можно будет посетить ресторан «Youngster».

Дом Чайковского наверняка станет родным для любого жителя Гамбурга, которому близка культура России.

Настоятель храма св.прав.Иоанна Кронштадтского

Протоиерей Сергий Бабурин

Written by:
Maria Stroiakovskaya

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The slow, frustrating slog to launch new NJ marijuana businesses

TRENTON – State regulators say they’re moving as fast as they can to approve licenses for businesses seeking to sell legal recreational marijuana. bBut some applicants are frustrated by the pace and head start being enjoyed by corporations that have expanded their medical cannabis businesses.

To date, 308 conditional licenses for new recreational marijuana businesses have been granted: 130 cultivators, 68 manufacturers and 110 retailers. That’s around one-third of the total who are seeking such licenses, with around 350 others waiting for initial priority reviews or final scoring and others told they need to cure shortcomings in their application.

Conditional licenses allow the companies to secure locations, municipal approvals and more – but not open their doors for business. For that, they will need to convert to an annual license, a more complicated approval process that involves a deeper dive into a company’s finances and an on-site inspection.

Nearly 1,200 marijuana license applications in NJ

Companies can skip the conditional licensing and apply directly for annual licenses, and around 240 have done that. But they are stuck in a holding pattern, as the Cannabis Regulatory Commission prioritizes the conditional licenses first and is still working through those.

CRC Executive Director Jeff Brown said that eventually conditional licenses will be reviewed within 90 days, with annuals and conditional-to-annual conversions taking a bit longer, but that’s not possible yet with 1,182 license applications since December.

“We knew that we would receive a ton of applications at first, and we’re devoting the resources needed to get through that initial rush,” Brown said.

Applications for cultivating and manufacturing licenses began to be accepted in December. Applications for retailer licenses began to be accepted in March.

‘You are failing miserably’

Scott Bent, who is seeking a conditional license for the Euphorium Dispensary, says the CRC needs to speed up because corporate dispensaries have an advantage.

“Get your focus back on track because you are failing miserably,” Bent told the commission at its meeting Thursday. “There is not one approved annual application. There is a bunch of people with a lot of questions. But there are doors wide open for the existing millionaires to make more millions.”

Brennan McGrath said that continuing the conditions-first approach is hurting businesses. He said businesses seeking annual licenses are already making payments on properties they can’t open while multi-state dispensaries expand and further dominate.

“Why not show support for New Jersey small business owners and start awarding annual licenses to those who have put in a tremendous amount of time, effort and money to meet all of your requirements?” McGrath said.

A couple of months to go

Brown said the pivot to annual licenses is coming soon.

“I am confident that we will make our way through the remaining 284 over the next month or so, next couple months,” Brown said, referring to the number awaiting their completeness check and final scoring.

Osbert Orduña, chief executive officer of The Cannabis Place, said he understands the state was swamped but that to speed things up, the CRC should meet sooner than September to approve the recommendations of the staff.

“This will greatly assist all applicants, especially social equity and diversely held license applicants, who are currently paying costs for real estate, holding costs, interest on borrowed funds and additional expenses that small businesses do not have the luxury of affording on a long- term basis,” Orduña said.

The CRC wasn’t due to meet again until Sept. 22 but at Vice Chairman Sam Delgado’s urgent voted to move that up by two weeks, to the week after Labor Day.

“These applicants and businesses have consultants. They have legal and lease payments to make,” Delgado said. “To some, a delay may make or even break them financially or be extremely expensive, costly.”

Michael Symons is the Statehouse bureau chief for New Jersey 101.5. You can reach him at

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